Artists Statement

The universal source of communication is through frequency, not language.

“ For twenty-five centuries Western knowledge tried to look upon the world; it failed to understand that the world is not for beholding. It is for hearing; it is not legible but audible. Our science has always wanted to monitor, measure, abstract and castrate meaning, forgetting that death alone is silent and that life is full of noise-work noise, human noise, animal noise. Noise bought, sold or prohibited. Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise.” (Kelly, C. 2011, p.90).

When you remove a language and learnt patterns of communication you are left with a very basic form of frequency, these frequencies are constantly being emitted through our brainwaves, and our cellular structure, they are interacting and restructuring creating constant oscillation and movement with all living things.

My process is based on the synesthetic experience of a sensual, embodied communication with physical environments through cellular and molecular movement, vibration and sound.

In my practice, I am seeking to create an experience of that transfer through audible and non-audible information to the audience/ viewer bringing into focus the presence of oneself  has an effect on their surroundings.

My practice is informed by scientific evidence and research within the fields of acoustic physics, nanotechnology, and sonocytology. This includes scientific research by Dr. Paul Thomas and the work of Anne Niemetz and Andrew Pelling.

I use various software and hardware applications to explore the deconstruction and transference of sound frequencies as I have experienced them through the loss of my own voice that has resulted in a form of synesthesia – Synesthesia is where one sense, for example, hearing activates another sensory area, for example, sight.

I use a multidisciplinary approach which includes film, audio, performance, installation, sculpture using a variety of materials, graphic and 3d design, paint and print to communicate my concept.

NIEMETZ, A, PELLING A,(2004-2008).The dark Side of the Cell. [Installation] California,USA:UCLA Department of Design/ Media Arts.

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