Artist Influence for Sound of the Brain

I had been working through various processes such as Photography and Photoshop,  3D Scanning, making Wallpaper and Fabric Print, and Sand Casting. Within the first five weeks of attending Fablab my works process is improving and taking a clear journey toward a really exciting piece of innovation, a Brain Computer Interface .

My work prior to fablab was influenced by organic matter and environmental communication.

Through my research I discovered that every cell has its own signature frequency, this is demonstrated throughout the world of sciences click here to read, Niemetz_Thesis2004 Singing cells, art, science and the noise in between, Anne Niemetz MFA Thesis 2004 UCLA Department of Design|Media Arts. My research into BCI led me into learning about the brain frequencies.

Wave Frequency
Gamma 27 Hz and up
Beta 12hz – 27hz
Alpha 8hz – 12hz
Theta 3hz – 8hz

I will be creating visual works from found data of brain waves.

Artistic inspiration Brain Laser cut by YK Songlasercutbrain2

Frequencies Light Quanta by Nicolas Bernier

John Stuart reid interview 2016

Published by liannemorgan

BA (Hons), MFA. I use a Multi-Disciplinary approach to create my work in both Music and Art. I use Science, Technology, and other Artists to inspire my process and create my work.

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