Artefact exploration for Response and Sound of the Brain

Richard Deacon- Empirical Jungle
Richard Deacon -Empirical jungle, National Museum Wales.

DSC_0040Deacon uses metaphorical references in movement, material and process to create his pieces. As I have worked through my process I am aware that each mark, movement has a reference. Considering the material and aesthetical value.

Process Exploration

3 materials chosen to reference Empirical jungle previous name-3 Jungle

Deacon had an exhibition space and buyer organised before Empirical jungle was created. Because of the pieces size and weight it would have been very expensive to make and transport. This has made me rethink my making process and make manageable work, for transportation and exhibition.  

At the Fragile exhibition at National Museum Cardiff, Empirical Jungle took prize position next to the Orchestra giving it energetic content. While developing my contextual content I became aware of how I am focused on matter being influenced by the sounds in its environment, which guided me into the process of recording brain waves and their frequencies  and turning them into Audible and Visual.

When the Fragile Exhibition finished Empirical jungle was placed under a staircase, which for me it lost the contextual value. It brought to my attention that placement is important and adds to the contextual aspect of the art work.

Recording taken from Fragile Exhibition -edited by Lianne Morgan


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BA (Hons), MFA. I use a Multi-Disciplinary approach to create my work in both Music and Art. I use Science, Technology, and other Artists to inspire my process and create my work.

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