Using Formulas and Theories to inform your art process.

Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of cofishes-and-scalesral

Hyperbolical mathematical description – click here

Definition of Tessellation 

Ken Wong made an app of Eschers works they are interactive puzzles.  3023575-slide-mvoct1305

THE GOLDEN RATIO: is another equation that in the world of design is thought to be the perfect proportion. Scientists and researchers have discovered this mathematical equation in many pieces of art and design through the ages, it appears in the Greek structure Parthenon, the painting of the Mona Lisa, amongst other well known historical paintings.

golden ratiogrgolden-ratio



The fibonacci seq. is found in fractals, in the skin of animals, music mathematics, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, visualise a string vibration.

Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals and the art of roughness

The Mandelbrot set is the set of complex numbers ‘c’ for which the sequence (c, c² + c, (c²+c)² + c, ((c²+c)²+c)² + c, (((c²+c)²+c)²+c)² + c, …) does not approach infinity.

BBC Documentary -The Code

1. 7 and 12 were thought as magical by St Augustine sacred numbers that held the key to creation.

The Markov Chain: exception of value/probabilities, dependent on the previous outcome.


Many artists also use code and data found in the world around us. They may use structured forms or mark making in response to found data.

Max Mathews used binary numbers/code to create Sound synthesis in 1957. Binary code consists of zero,s and ones, 0001001010010010010100101, and Lejaren Hiller in digital aided composition. 1956.


An example is: DLA Diffussion Limited Aggregated, a process for generating organic forms.


Recommended reading:

Bridging art and engineering using Escher based virtual elements – written by Glaucio. H. Paulino 

Golden Section Oslen: Amazon books 

Form and Code in Design, Art and Architecture: Casey Reas.

Useful program to generate patterns: randomwalktraditional (open source) processing

Program for creating wave form, sin wave: INTRO MAX MSP – PUREDATA

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BA (Hons), MFA. I use a Multi-Disciplinary approach to create my work in both Music and Art. I use Science, Technology, and other Artists to inspire my process and create my work.

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