Ceramic work.

I enjoy working in ceramic and have been studying different forms


Here is some works I have found that have inspired my piece for Ceramic and have decided that I would like to create sonic Spheres

I have a design in my mind of ceramic spheres, that will resonate with the surrounding environment, using wind. I will place a hole in the front and back of the sphere to create sound, and interaction within the surrounding environment.

Creating the perfect sphere in ceramic has been a difficult task, so I have decided to create a mold. It is very manual working in this way with clay but I managed to make a sphere an hour.

Create mold. Press cast clay. Create half sphere. I used press casting in this process due to the size of the spheres. I also want to make sure that the thickness is strong enough.

The cast for the spheres was created using a bowl and a bowl, lots of straps. I created the mold you see above.

Create different surfaces to show resonance with the environment in the form.

I wanted to use this glaze below on the spheres but have been unable due to not being able to access the ceramic studio. So I ended up using standard colors, white, green, and pewter.

My end result:

I lost the top of this sphere due to the thickness of the wall, so I used a file around the edges to create a bowl.

This one was collapsing so I decided to create form and movement within it.







I created smaller spheres, these didnt survive when they were drying they began to crack and crumble.

I created some forms that represent sound and movement.

here is finished result:

I did place holes within the sphere but they are not creating much sound. I have enjoyed making these forms but it has not been successful in achieving the sound aspect from the sculpture.