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The Architecture of Sound.

In 2010 I developed a condition that took away my ability to speak, not being able to make sound and communicate with the outside world was the most isolating and devastating experience, which lead my obsession of researching other forms of communication, other than spoken word.

I have been a professional singer/ songwriter for 20 years, I have also developed and delivered music programs within the community with a focus on using music and creative arts as therapy. Through my research into sound, I have discovered papers and research programs showing scientific evidence of the effects that sound has on our brains, emotions, body and even our cellular structure.

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Slip Casting

1st time glaze

1st time glaze

I have never really appreciated the world of ceramics, clay, pottery and throwing etc. my feelings were, its messy, unpredictable, old-fashioned and the artistic snob inside says “it’s just not high brow enough “, but after numerous lectures by successful ceramicists, and a few sessions playing and sculpting in clay a new passion is arising. I was finally tipped over the edge by, the wonderful world of alchemy (the recipes of all the glazes), you choose a glaze and you only know what its going to turn out like when you finally open the kiln. The unpredictability seems exciting now.  I am learning to be open-minded and that even a more mature mind can be changed.  I really enjoy crossing over mediums, such as using a clay imprint as a starting piece for a painting, or taking a photo of a miss shaped pot and manipulate it in Photoshop to create a silk screen print. In foundation I particularly enjoyed printing, because you could repeat the same process a number of times, this is something that can be done in ceramics, you can create a mould and re-create that shape over and over in various forms of materials, such as creating a cast from a stone and re-creating it in porcelain.

At some point over the next 3 years I will want to make a latex head with a movable mouth for life-size puppet, so making a slip cast is defiantly something I need to get familiar with. I have to say it is far more difficult than I expected. Into the slip cast workshop I took a very simple heart-shaped stone, which ended up having to have 4 sides of a cast created. It’s a very messy procedure with all the cast mixing, but also very rewarding in the end result. Defiantly worth the time and effort.


Creating slip cast for heart stone

Creating slip cast for heart stone



Heart glazed from slip cast IMG_4198