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Using Science in the Artists Practice.

Due to my professional involvement in the music industry I began a journey of research into the physics of sound. I became obsessed with frequency and the influence of frequency in matter. I often use this subject within my art process.

Artists and Scientists use a similar approach in their research and processes. They are creating new undiscovered theories. Scientists and artists are creators and they often work around and outside of the known concepts. The artists approach can assist the scientist in their new found discoveries by making their research a physical object or a sound. When an artist and scientist work together they create a physical thing that can communicate the scientists theory to the outside world.  Continue reading

The Architecture of Sound.

In 2010 I developed a condition that took away my ability to speak, not being able to make sound and communicate with the outside world was the most isolating and devastating experience, which lead my obsession of researching other forms of communication, other than spoken word.

I have been a professional singer/ songwriter for 20 years, I have also developed and delivered music programs within the community with a focus on using music and creative arts as therapy. Through my research into sound, I have discovered papers and research programs showing scientific evidence of the effects that sound has on our brains, emotions, body and even our cellular structure.

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Sound! Sphere or Wave?

I have always been interested in what is happening in the empty space around us, the truth is there is no empty space.

I have always enjoyed the sound of silence but the truth is there is no such thing as silence.

When you gaze into the sky, or past the lush green grass into the landscapes that engulfs your vision have you ever thought of what is happening between two chosen spaces? I have and through my curiosity, I discovered the natural phenomena of Cymatics. Cymatics is the formation of atoms in resonance to frequencies. Each frequency holds a beautiful geometric pattern that you will see replicated in everyday nature such as flower shapes, cell structures, tortoise shells, trees and the list goes on.

My purpose of this collection of work is to make this visible to be able to touch it and understand it.

Sound waves are spheres so it was important for the work to replicate the sound sphere but sound can sometimes be broken, manipulated and warped , this is transposed into some of the 3d pieces.

The processes used to create this work had to relate to the nature of sound so I used tension to create sound, friction and a flux approach, of melting and gravity to manipulate the designed forms that were created form the actual frequency data.

693.96 hz sphere

Plastic, metal, wood, wire sculpture with projection of a 3d graphic design of a frequency sphere projected.

Felt wave

Sound wave from felt, wire and projection

644.42hz warped wave

644.42hz warped wave made from lazer cut plastic sheet. With projection

A set of photographs have been created to mix projection and imagery to create the action of sound existing within its atmosphere.

3d designed Frequency Spheres 644.42hz, 656.37hz, 693.96hz.

656.37HZ Sound sphere created and design in CS4

656.37HZ Sound sphere


656.37hz 3d cymatic papaer 1 a2


644.42hz cymatic print 4


A collection of Silk Screen Prints created from resourced data from sound frequencies.

frequency 15

 frequency 11 frequency 6 frequency 8  frequency 5 frequency 3      frequency 1frequency 9


Enhancing human kind and cyborgs

I recently sat in on a conversation with a few colleagues who attended The Makers fair in Rome 2014. I was in awe of what they discussed, 3d printing food, humanoid robots, and the first human cyborg. The cyborg had an implant that was surgically inserted into his brain, it had a vision apparatus attached where he could view colours, apparently he was colour blind. I was not there and do not have any literature or links to back this up, but still all sounded really exciting, and similar to something that I would like to create, although not vision but sound related.

To make the marketing statement of the first ever cyborg is a very impressive statement, but I am afraid very untrue. There are many cyborgs walking around us every day, such as humans with pace makers, electronic voice boxes, artificial knee,s etc. For your informative decision in this discussion, the definition of a cyborg is,  a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. So I think we can agree most defiantly not the first ever human cyborg.

I suffer with a condition called Dystonia and through various societies and support groups I have had the pleasure in knowing some really inspiring people who without Deep Brain Stimulation  would not be able to lead a normal life. DBS is a surgical procedure in which electrodes are inserted into the brain. These electrodes are then connected to a battery usually implanted in the chest or in the abdomen. The battery operates similarly to a pacemaker delivering targeted electrical pulses to the brain that block the signals that cause the symptoms of dystonia.

How amazing is technology, science and human kind that together we can invent such amazing creations.

I plan to add to the world of cyborgs with an invention that will help people with Vocal dystonia, who are not offered DBS.


My journey begins with cymatics, and frequencies  and lots of making.