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Getting Excited by a Spot Welder

Having spent a year on an art and design foundation course I was not impressed to hear that my 3 year degree course consists of workshops in the 1st year, that are mandatory, according to the tutor. “What will I learn ?” I ask myself. I have dabbled and played with just about every medium possible. In came our new metals tutor. He introduced himself and states he has no formal education and is completely self taught, so this is what I am paying £9000 a year for huh! Just when I was about to have an invisible hissy fit, out came the spot welder. Its genius, sparks fly of it and it pieces together bits of steel. The tutor was great, everything I needed to know he could answer, he explained all the various different metals and how they interact with each other. Where to buy best metals etc.

In these workshops I have made a wire 2d tree, which I am going to use as a template for fabric. Airbrush some fabric dye onto a t shirt and create a cool design:

2d steel tree

2d steel tree

I also got a bit carried away with the spot welder and made a full size metal top hat. It has no purpose as yet but I am sure throughout my year it will be used for something.

IMG_3896IMG_3898 IMG_3897

The copper mesh is an idea that I need to blog for future progress on this piece.

I am sure there will be more to come with the metal work, think I am addicted to the sparks.

A clear vision avoiding the side turn.

Being a mature student obviously has its benefits, such as having a home, a stable family life, having a financial understanding, and great organisational skills. Although I do have to state that I know people who are mature and maybe have none of these attributes. There are also down sides such as a wealth of knowledge on your points of interest, caution as to how you spend your time and energy, and having a very clear vision of outcome or final destination. Now the problem with having a very clear vision is you may miss some very important lessons, or alternative directions which could enhance your product, invention, journey, piece of work, or your self development.

I have almost always, for most of my working life been my own vehicle and had to create paths of opportunities myself. I am now on a very different journey, I am studying for a degree and I have to follow a syllabus and a timetable, which contains workshops, self study and lectures. I have the maturity and forward thinking to know that all the information and skills I am receiving will slot into place like a jigsaw puzzle, along my path to the destination, but I cannot put to sleep this sense of urgency.

Life is full of challenges. My new challenge is to find the balance between working towards my end result and not getting frustrated when the course takes a side turn, because the side turn could be one of the most important moments or lessons of your life!