The Feedback Loop

Sound and Visual Multi-Media Installation.

This piece of work explores how disability and illness affect the conscious mind. Through my own experience due to the loss of my voice, I explore how this disability has affected my consciousness, internal dialogue, and external experience within my environment.

For me our consciousness is what makes us aware of oneself, it holds our memories, our sense of being, and our physical placement within our environment.

This work explores this further through a connection to the metaphysical quality of these lost abilities held within my own consciousness, its placement, connection and continuing existence within our world.

I use a multidisciplinary approach which includes film, audio, animation, and computer-generated art to communicate my concept.

This work was informed by the condition called Dystonia and Spasmodic Dysphonia. 

The Feedback Loop, Sound and Visual Multi-Media Installation ©Lianne Morgan 2019.

©Lianne Morgan 2019, Pictures from the exhibition of Feedback Loop.

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